How to Take Your S'mores to the Next Level

November 05, 2019

How to Take Your S'mores to the Next Level

So, it’s that time of year to be enjoying a warm cup of Courtney’s Cocoa or adding a couple disks to your morning coffee, but it is also the perfect time for scarves, bonfires and one of the best fall treats: S’mores! 

In this post I’m going to be switching it up and featuring Fantasy Candies’ line of heart-healthy dark chocolate; Blue Planet Chocolate. If you aren’t familiar, our Blue Planet Chocolate items are all made with 72% dark chocolate and provide a ton of health benefits. We wanted to create a chocolate product that tasted delicious, but was also really good for you!

One of the two main products that we make is our Superfood Chocolate Squares which are high in antioxidants and packed with probiotics, which are good for the immune and digestive systems. The four flavors are Espresso, Cinnamon Chia, Blueberry Chia, and Cocoa Nib.

Obviously, everyone knows how to make a s’more so in this blog post I am simply suggesting you use Blue Planet Chocolate squares as your chocolate item the next time you make s’mores!  Each square gives your s’more a totally unique flavor making the fall time favorite even better! After a bit of inside research, it was unanimously agreed that the Blueberry Chia square made the best s’more.

However, all the flavors are great. The Cinnamon Chia flavor worked perfectly with the cinnamon from the graham cracker, the Espresso was a coffee and chocolate lovers dream and the Cocoa Nib was a chocolatey masterpiece.

While toasting your s’more over a fire is the ultimate way to enjoy the treat, the weather won’t allow us to make them that way for very long. In case of rain, show or too cold of weather, we suggest making your s’mores in the oven for a fun wintertime treat to enjoy while snuggling up with a good book or movie.

To Make S’mores in Oven:

  1. Turn broiler of oven on High and set the top rack approx. 6 inches from the top
  2. Assemble half of a graham cracker, a chocolate square and a marshmallow on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet
  3. Place s’mores in the oven for 10-15 seconds keeping an eye on the top for when the marshmallows start to brown slightly
  4. Remove from oven and use the second half of the graham crackers to smush your s’mores
  5. Eat and enjoy!


PLEASE let me know if you try this out, I really want to hear your thoughts and which flavor you tried/liked the best! Thanks for reading!

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