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Ways to Use Chocolate Covered Cocoa Nibs

November 12, 2020

Ways to Use Chocolate Covered Cocoa Nibs

Ways to Use Cocoa  Nibs Blog Post

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all been okay during the craziness that has been 2020. I haven’t posted a food idea/recipe to Courtney’s Cocoa Corner in a while, but I’m back for the fall/winter season with weekly posts! I’m starting with a post featuring one of my favorite items that we carry- Chocolate Covered Cocoa Nibs. I use our nibs for a lot of different things, so I thought it would be fun to share some of those ideas.

Our Chocolate Covered Cocoa Nibs are raw toasted cocoa nibs coated in our signature 72% dark chocolate. If you aren’t familiar with cocoa nibs they are made from crushed cacao beans and are high in fiber and antioxidants. These bits of 100% pure cocoa combined with our 72% dark chocolate make one delicious, nutrient packed, heart healthy treat.

Not only are they great to snack on, but they make the perfect topping for a ton of different things. Today I’m going to be sharing 2 of my favorite ways to enjoy Chocolate Covered Cocoa Nibs

On Top of a Yogurt (or smoothie) Bowl

Yogurt and smoothie bowls are both great because of the infinite toppings that you can put on them. One of my favorite combinations is cocoa nibs and peanut butter. Another is banana, granola and cocoa nibs. Whatever the combination, cocoa nibs are perfect in place of chocolate chips for their health benefits and chocolatey goodness. 

yogurt bowl

Ice Cream

Cocoa nibs make the perfect chocolate sprinkles on top of ice cream. For this post I also melted down a few squares of Courtney’s Cocoa to drizzle on top and it turned out to taste even better than Magic Shell (sorry, not sorry). The cocoa nibs are perfect for healthy homemade banana ice cream which is made simply by blending frozen bananas with a tiny bit of liquid.

hard shell ice cream

These little nibs have endless possibilities and these two ideas are just the start. If you try either of them out I would love to see a picture, so please make sure to tag Fantasy Candies in any photos! (We’re on Instagram and Facebook)  I would also love to hear any ideas you have of where you think cocoa nibs would taste great, you can leave ideas in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading!



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