February Wine Tastings

January 26, 2021

February Wine Tastings

Come enjoy an evening of wine, chocolate and fun! Each tasting includes a unique selection of 4 wines, as assortment of chocolates paired with the wine, popcorn and more!

There are 2 seatings for each tastings to make things safer and easier for everyone - 3:45-5:15 and 5:30-7:00pm. Call today to reserve a table for the first tasting.

February 6th - $15 per person

Celebrate Black History Month! The tasting will feature the McBride Sister Collection which his the largest Black-owned winery in the United States. Keep an eye out for more details coming soon. You can sign up for our email list in order to have details sent to you directly.

February 20th - Keep an eye out for details following the Feb. 6th tasting

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