CBD Chocolate Bars

Our TY CBD bars are made with 100% organic hemp, are fully lab tested and come in both milk and dark chocolate. If you are unfamiliar with CBDs, they are the non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant and they may help to reduce pain, relieve stress, anxiety, depression, help you sleep and more. See FAQ section below.

Our bars:

150mg- $11.50

250mg- $16.50

500mg-  $27.50

250mg w/ 30mg of Melatonin- $18.50


1. How much CBD should I eat? -Start low, you can always add more. We recommend starting at 25-35mg to test the effectiveness. Increase as needed.

2. Can I eat too much? -At this time studies have not shown negative side effects of high dosage of CBD. However, we suggest eating just what you need to be comfortable.

3. What can CBD help with? -CBDs may help with sleep, anxiety, pain, depression, inflammation and may reduce cancer cell growth and more. CBD is also a strong anti-inflammatory. 

4. How will CBD make me feel? -Most people feel a sense of relaxation and comfort. Since there is no THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) in our products, it does not produce a "high" effect.

5. Isolate or full-spectrum? What is the difference? -We use CBD isolate in our chocolate bars. Isolate is CBD only and has 0.0% THC along with no other flavors. Full-spectrum includes CBD and many other elements of the cannabis plant. This includes bits of plant material and tiny amounts of THC. This can make it difficult to calculate exactly how much CBD is present. The CBD isolate we use is flavorless and contains no plant material. 

6. Will I pass a drug test? -Yes, our CBD bars contain 0.0% THC. Furthermore, CBD is no longer considered a schedule I drug and is not part of testing. 

7. Are CBDs FDA approved? -The FDA has only said that no claims can be made about CBD as a food supplement. At this time, they do not believe that it has been studied enough in the US to give approval. However, studies around the world have found CBD to be safe and effective. In Europe, CBDs are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) ingredients. 

8. Will CBDs interact with other drugs? -There are no known interactions.

9. Does it change the taste of the chocolate? -No, CBD isolate is flavorless and odorless.

10. What does the total milligram mean? -This is the total milligrams per bar. For example, each bar has ten sections. This means that a 250 milligram bar would have 25 milligrams of CBD per piece. (10 pcs x 25mg = 250mg)

11. Why should I let the chocolate melt in my mouth? -It is the quickest way to absorb the CBD into the bloodstream. The membranes under your tongue are the thinnest and most absorbent in your body. Plus, you can enjoy the great taste of our pure chocolate.

12. How long will it take to feel the effect? -Typically, 30-60 minutes.

13. Is it okay for kids? -Yes, we use organic CBD and the finest pure chocolate. No THC at all.

14. Is hemp legal? -Yes, under the Farm Bill of 2018 hemp has been declassified from being a schedule one drug with >0.3% THC legal. Our CBD has 0.0% THC.

15. Where do we source our CBD? -From US growers. It is the finest grown hemp, non GMO and organic.

16. Have your products been tested for consistency? -Yes, all of our CBD is third party tested before we incorporate it into our chocolate. TY CBD chocolate bars have also been tested by a third party lab for consistency and standard deviation.

17. Who developed TY CBD bars and why are they the best product on the market? -Joel Fink, owner of Fantasy Candies and Blue Planet Chocolate has been developing “better for you” chocolates for over a decade. As a chocolatier and member of IFT (international Food Technologists) Fink has developed a system to homogenize CBDs into pure chocolate, providing the finest tasting and most effective product on the market.

18. For further information- Call Fantasy Candies (440)-461-4511               5338 Mayfield Road, Lyndhurst Ohio 44124 www.ty-cbd.com

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