SweetDreams 72 Cherry Bark

Premium, dried cherries mixed with our fine SweetDreams 72% cocoa, makes a truly decadent combination. A fusion of luxuriously deep dark chocolate and the perfect balance of tartness from the cherries are sure to excite your palate. High in antioxidants, and high in Mmmmmmmmmmm.

SweetDreams 72 delivers luxuriously deep dark chocolate in a sophisticated blend of ingredients. SweetDreams72 is a distinctively intense dark chocolate experience with 72% cocoa solids and is the finest and most delicious dark chocolate on the planet.

Approximately 7 - 8 pieces of bark per pound. 

For your custom combination, call 1-800-CHOKLAT (246.5528)

Taste them all:  Almond ~ Blueberry ~ Pecan ~ Cranberry ~ Espresso ~ Cherry ~ Cashew ~ Peanut Butter Chip ~ Blueberry Chia ~ Cayenne Cinnamon


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